epoxy-countertops Epoxy resin is fast becoming the trendy material to use on surfaces across different homes. One may wonder why this is so. The reason isn’t far-fetched. The material is flame-resistant and highly appealing. It not only beautifies the home but is also resistant against various chemicals that could spill. Whether at home or a laboratory that deals with several chemicals, epoxy resin is a durable material to be on the surface of floors as it keeps the floor protected and also improves the beauty of the place where it is used.

However, despite its benefits and its ability to remain durable in the presence of spills, it is not self-cleaning. This means that the material requires that you have a maintenance plan and that you understand the basics of cleaning the material. This is essential if the material is to remain in a good condition and last for a long period. If the material must continue to provide value for the money you have spent, you will have to adequately clean it. To do this, you need to understand the things to look out for and the best way to clean the material. Let’s go through all you need to know.

Maintaining Your Epoxy Resin Countertops

Getting the right substance to clean your epoxy countertop is always the first point of contact. It is crucial that you understand the best substances to clean your countertop and which would not compromise the surface or smear it. Understand that your countertop beautifies your floor and is what people see when they step into your home. So, it is crucial that you only use the right substances.

Stay Away From Abrasives

The first thing you do not want to do is to clean your epoxy countertop with abrasives.

Abrasives have adverse effects on epoxy and will only leave your countertop in a messy and dull state. This doesn’t work for your countertop and reduces the lifespan of your floor.
You do not want to have a dull countertop in your home or even your lab. That would be doing a disservice to the money spent. Also, stay away from multi-purpose cleaners, and they are often not suitable for epoxy countertops. Multi-purpose cleaners merely make use of generic components to address all needs and this often has counter-productive results on such countertops like epoxy.

Also, while it is advisable that you regularly polish your epoxy countertop, it is crucial that you avoid polishes that include wax or have wax as a component. These kinds of polishes are bad for your epoxy countertops and do not serve your cleaning and maintenance needs.

Do Not Use Alcohol


epoxy-table Some are of the opinion that alcohol goes for every cleaning need. Their belief is that you can use alcohol to disinfect any floor and clean the floor accordingly. While this might be true for certain surfaces, it isn’t true for epoxy resin countertops. Using alcohol on your epoxy resin countertop will only have adverse effects that will compromise the surface of the countertop and cause you to incur more expenses. So, in devising your cleaning plan, ensure you do not include the use of alcohol on your epoxy resin countertop.

Use Only The Right Cleaners

The best types of cleaners to work on epoxy resin are those that are non-abrasives.

You can use these cleaners with soap and water and rest assured that they will do the trick.
Using the right type of cleaners gives you all you need to keep the countertop shining. Non-abrasives deliver excellent results within a short period and they do not have adverse effects on your floor. If you are looking to have an effective maintenance of your countertop, use non-abrasive cleaners and you can rest assured that your countertop is safe.

Where there are spills on your countertop and you want to clean it, you can use paint cleaner on the surface. The paint cleaner will clean the spill without having any adverse effects on the countertop. They are designed to maintain the epoxy resin without leading to any form of complications. This is essential to the durability of your countertop and getting the value of your money.

Use Only The Right Piece Of Cloth

Some homeowners jump into using different kinds of cloth on their countertop without considering whether the piece of cloth may have adverse effects on the countertop. This can be a counter-productive step, which may affect your countertop.

Firstly, do not wait for dirt to accumulate on your countertop before you clean it. Many times, people allow the dirt to accumulate and this accounts for why they feel the need to use thick pieces of cloth while applying pressure to get the dirt off. This can damage the countertop, thereby causing you more expenses to bear. As such, it is essential that you clean the dirt as you spot it.

To ensure you maintain your countertop, use soft fabrics on your countertop or chamois cloth. These pieces of cloth are gentle and will clean the dirt without messing your countertop or even making it appear dull. This is crucial to enjoying your countertop and ensuring it remains in a good condition. If you want to clean your countertop adequately, this is how to do it.

You Can Steam Clean

epoxy-resin-river-table Steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways to go about cleaning your countertop. With steam cleaning, you make use of heat on your epoxy countertop and it has no adverse effect on the surface. It merely allows the stain on the countertop to loosen thereby making it easier and more convenient to clean off. When cleaning your countertop with cleaning equipment, you can use different kinds of equipment. You can also determine whether to use a small or large steam cleaner. Understand that the size of the steam cleaner you intend to use will be determined by the size of stain you want to clean.

You need to understand that it is crucial to properly maintain your epoxy countertop of your want to have your surface remain squeaky clean. Using steam cleaning will help you remove those stains that appear thick and as though they can’t be removed. The steaming method helps to break the structure of the stain, and consequently, allows for it to be wiped away.


Your epoxy countertop does a lot in beautifying your home. If you are passionate about your home having an appealing effect and looking sparkling for a long period, you will need to have a proper maintenance culture for your countertop. Getting this maintenance culture doesn’t however come at once. You need to start by understanding the basics of cleaning. You must have a deft understanding of the substances that work with epoxy resin effectively and those that do not. This will ensure that you make informed decisions when cleaning your countertop.

Getting the value for your money is a crucial thing when it comes to the floor you have spent money on. While epoxy resin is a good material that protects itself from chemicals and is also resistant to several substances, it doesn’t clean itself, which makes it expedient that you adopt a smart and regular cleaning culture to maintain your countertop. By keeping these steps in mind, you can keep your countertop appealing without messing it up.