About onepoxy.com

Hi and welcome! My name is David Wilson and I’m from San Francisco. Since you came to this website I should tell a little bit more about myself. Having served in the Navy, I started working as a painter contractor. After a couple of years, I switched to wood finishing, happily painting experience really came in handy here. I’ve been doing wood finishing for about 16 years now.  I’ve worked with many different types of wood finishes including epoxies and can tell you a lot about the advantages and the disadvantages of each of them. Wood finishing and creating DIY projects are what I truly enjoy.

But as you could have mentioned onepoxy.com is focused on epoxy resins rather than all wooden finishes. That’s because I find this DIY material to be the most creative and beautiful and I love to work with epoxies more than any other finish, period. You will understand me if you take a look at colored river tables or countertops. Can any other finish create such an astonishing wooden piece? I think not. I highly recommend that you create your own epoxy resin project, after that, you will fall in love with epoxy, I assure you. Epoxies have limitless creative potential.

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I’m really glad you came to this website. I hope you found a lot of useful information, it’s the main purpose of onepoxy.com – to provide you with data you need to create your flawless wooden project. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for feel free to tell me about your problem in the comments, be sure that I will answer your comment! Also, you can reach me via the contact form or via email [email protected].